Maglev train model

Danny Bae holds his model for a new kind of train powered by magnets, and further accelerated by its hurtling through a tube where a total vacuum has been created. Like the real-life train it represents, Bae’s model is levitated by magnets of opposing polarity.

Bed and Breakfasts

Owners of Stratford B&Bs are demanding the city more actively enforce licensing of their industry in response to the popularity of website Airbnb.

Water pipe repair

A file photo showing crews repairing water pipes on Charles Street in March of 2015. Similar work has been needed repeatedly in the city's north end after pipes in two relatively new residential areas continue to fail well before their expected lifespans.

We Will Heal

The hallway in Stratford Northwestern Secondary painted by student Darryl Couchman to symbolize the struggle against mental illness.

Paying respects

Students Hailey Patrice, left, and Logan Grahame of Saugeen District Secondary School pay their respects at the gravesite of Sgt. Maurice Bell, a Stratford native buried in Monte Cassino, Italy.

Serious crash on Erie Street

A serious crash on Erie between a car and a transport truck on Mar. 15 closed a portion of the street for several hours.

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The love of Heritage Chickens.

Another post about coyotes.

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