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Thorndale Dinner Theatre's 'Ed's Garage'

The four cast members from Thorndale Dinner Theatre’s upcoming production of Ed’s Garage during a rehearsal. From left: Crispin Colvin, John Van Esch, Murray Lee and Penny Jones.

2nd annual London Dairy Congress

From left: Kevin Wydeven from near Avonbank, Robb McIntosh from near Avonbank, and Chad McIntosh from near Embro were the panelists in a session last week at the Metroland Agriplex in London about dairy farm housing options being moderated by Norm McNaughton.

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Events in Perth County

Karate Camp - March Break

Mon Mar 13 | 9:00 AM

2017 Karate Summer Camp

Tue Jul 11 | 8:30 AM


Building a Homemade Composter

Composting to get away from chemical fertilizers.

Spring Cleaning Part III

Lemon juice is a great way of helping with the cleaning around the house and a bonus it smells...

Spring Cleaning Part II

One of the things I use a lot around the house for cooking and cleaning is baking soda. It is...

Heritage Chickens!

The love of Heritage Chickens.

Another post about coyotes.

I was sitting working at the computer yesterday morning

What was that?

Last night we were just settling down into bed when all of a sudden the howling started .......

Let Me In!

Why chickens might not be so stupid after all.

Spring Cleaning – Part 1

Well here we are in mid-February and I do believe we have had the odd glimpse of spring, so I guess...

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