Scoreboard August 3 - 9, 2006
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Scoreboard August 3 - 9, 2006

Stratford Gazette


Roy's Shop 6

RBC Dominion Securities 0

Roy's Shop: Kelsey Dixon 5, Shannon Selvey. Shutout shared by: Katie Campbell and Danielle McGorman)

Roy's MVP: Michelle Whiteside

RBC MVP: the entire team

Nick and Dan's Collision 3

Coldwell Banker 2

Collision: Claire King 2, Katie Luckhardt

Coldwell: Sydney Elzinga, Josie Lamondin

Collision MVP: Chloe Vaters

Coldwell MVP: Celina Smith

Coldwell Banker Realty 3

RBC Dominion Securities 1

Coldwell: Amy Kocher 2, Julia Sim

RBC: Natalie Trachsel

Coldwell MVP: Amelia Reynolds

RBC MVP: Lena Bryan


Commercial Printers 3

W.G Young Yeomen 1

Printers: Luke Fischer 2, Brett Lawrance

Yeomen: Liam Hughes

Printers MVP: Maxim Mulder

Yeomen MVP: Noah Mankal

Stratford Honda 1

Blowes Stationary 0

Honda: Rory Jenson

Honda MVP: Michael Cormier-Hazen

Blowes MVP: Nicholas Foster

Bickells Flooring 3

Ziebert 1

Bickells: Isiaih Duiker, Austin Dale, MacKenzie Rankin

Ziebert: Timothy Legrange

Bickells MVP: Jack Charlton

Ziebert MVP: Timothy Legrange

Dordel Unique Awards 5

BDO Dunwoody 1

Dordel: Jared Nash 3, Noah Kuno 2

BDO: Wesley Wickenheiser

Dordel MVP: Timothy Clay

BDO MVP: Cole McKay


Scotiabank 5

Nick and Dans Collision 1

Scotia: Emily Woodhouse 2, Hannah Bush, Talia Calder, Danielle Buhrow

Collision: Elena Mitchell

Scotia MVP: Emily Woodhouse Collision MVP: Leah Stock

Ideal Supply/UAP Chargers 4

Custom Pool and Spa 0

Chargers: Erin Van Nes 3, Haley Doell

Chargers MVP: Delaney Ryan

Custom MVP: Sam Mohr


Mail Boxes Barracudas 1

Festoso Brothers 0

Barracudas: Curtis Hessey

Barracudas MVP: Clay Fowler-Dietrich

Festoso MVP: Clay Fowler-Dietrich


Buchanan & Hall 2

Video Plus Books 1

Buchanan: Rachel Salter 2

Video Plus: Katie Bossers

Buchanan MVP: Sarah Allen Video Plus: Nicole Bice

Nick & Dan's Collision 2

Carpet Place Cannons 0

Collision: Kayla Fairburn, Rachel Schelhaas

Collision MVP: Claire Scott

Cannons MVP: Devynn Zorgdrager


Canadian Tire 2

Stratford Business 1

Canadian Tire: Jaimie McCann, Janine Luckhardt

Stratford Business: Sammy McCready

Candian Tire MVP: Courtney McArthur. Business Centre MVP: Lisa Del Chiaro

Canadian Tire 2

Stratford Electric 0

Canadian Tire: Andrea Landuyt, Jill Robinson. Shutout: Katelyn Vere

Canadian MVP: Jaimie McCann

Electric MVP: Shelby Fawcett.


Manny's Mighty Strikers 3

Demetre's 2

Strikers: Curtis Griffin 2, Chris Richmond

Demetre's: Fi Dzvoli and Aaron Lang

Strikers MVP: Jason Whaling

Demetre's MVP: Connor Blair

Nick and Dan's Collision 4

Demetre's 2

Collision: Dylan McLeod 2, Dan Fraser, Leo Mena

Demetre's: Fi Dzuali, Hayden Ashkanese

Collision MVP: Brad Fisher

Demetre's MVP: Nathan Bray

Gary Stockie Stingers 4

Fram 3

(Gary Stockie wins in shootout)

Stingers: Michael Polanco 2, Bryan Basbas

Fram: Brandon Gray 2, Nathan Lewis

Stingers MVP: Garrett Schliewinsky

Fram MVP: Cole Johnston

Gary Stockie Stingers 5

Manny's Mighty Strikers 1

Stingers: Michael Polanco 2, Bryan Basbas, Alex Neumeister, Daniel Odbert

Strikers: Collin VanRaay

Stingers MVP: Keegan Diehl

Strikers MVP: Kevin Parr and Jason Whaling


Great Lakes Nutrition 2

Nick and Dan's Collision 1

Great Lakes: Matt Deweerd, Dan Ferguson

Collision: Matt Raithby

Great Lakes MVP: Derrick Ferguson

Collision MVP: Tristan Hughes


Dairy Queen Dribblers 3

Stratford U-Store-It 1

Dribblers: Randi Smith, Ruth-Anne Culliton, Amanda Luckhardt.

U-Store-It: Jenna Goodhew

Dribblers MVP: Sara Robb

U-Store-It MVP: Rachel Barrett

Nick and Dan's Collision 5

Stratford U-Store-It 4

(Collision wins in shootout)

Collision: Cassandra Ford, Nicole Bonsma, Lisa Bates, Laura Mitchell, Jill Grobbecker

U-Store-It: Jenna Goodhew, Jennica Cottenie, Rachelle Barrett, Rachelle Leger

Collision MVP: the entire team

U-Store-It: Jenna Goodhew

Nick and Dan's Collision 1

Festoso Bros 0

Collision: Courtney Klumper

Shutout shared by: Ashley Demour and Niccola Manzo

Collision MVP: the entire team

Festoso MVP: the entire team


Orange vs.


Orange MVPs: Tatum James, Abby Mitchell, Austin Garret

Yellow MVPs: Jacob Taylor, Tanner Pickering, Nikita Gaind

Red vs.


Red MVPs: Chloe DeVries, Keagan Goforth, Joshua Zelek

Silver MVPs: Devin Theroux, Katie Roth,

Eric Brodgagen


Black 2

Green 2

Black: Julianne Ryan, Mark Moir

Green: Frank Santini, Marcel Misuraca

Red 3

White 2

Red: Randy Flanagan 3

White: Carlos Ramos, Susan Rice

Orange 4

White 1

Orange: Adam McNaughton, Andy Micks,

Matt Peck

White: Nick Williams

Green 3

Red 2

Green: Dave Horenberg, Lynann Pinney,

Joe Meyer

Red: Randy Flanagan, Mike Bancroft

Black 6

Orange 1

Black: Annette Muir, Mark Muir,

Erika Ruston, Tenna Larsen, Julianne Ryan, Nick Seebach

Orange: Jeremiah Crowley

Red 3

White 1

Red: Corey Knight, Randy Flanagan,

Mike Bancroft

White: Terri Lynn Moffatt

White 4

Orange 3

White: Jill Vitello 2, Matt Brown 2

Orange: Matt Peck, Adam McNaughton,

Carrie Leslie

Green 4

Red 0

Green: Dave Horenberg, Rob Douglas,

Nikki Misuraca, Andrew Sharon

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