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Tim Hortons NHL Player Cards

Tim Hortons' NHL Trading Cards are back, but this year people can download an augmented reality app that brings players to life.

Mike Lanigan

UXBRIDGE -- Mike Lanigan is a 3rd generation cattle farmer who recently decided to stop taking his animals to slaughter and start an animal sanctuary instead. September 20, 2016.

Road rage

Police, paramedics and firefighters responded to a fiery crash on Aerowood Drive in Mississauga Thursday night that occurred during a road rage incident between the driver of a car and a group of motorcyclists.

Mobile phone emergency alert

A wireless emergency alert was sent to New York area residents on Monday, Sept. 19, warning them of a man suspected in two local bombings.

Truck traffic group pushes for enforcement

This video posted to the Facebook page of the Citizens Against Bad Truck Traffic group in St. Marys shows a young girl after scuttling away from the sidewalk at the corner of Queen and James Street after it became clear this truck's rear wheels were going to jump the curb onto the sidewalk where she was standing.

Market Square redevelopment

The site plan for the redevelopment of Market Square, issued by the city and available on its website:

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Fatal ultralight crash in Guelph area

Provincial police investigating fatal ultralight crash in Guelph area



No winning ticket for Lotto 649 jackpot

No winning ticket for Saturday night's $7 million Lotto 649 jackpot



Teen stabbed to death in Toronto's east end

Police hunt for suspect after man stabbed to death in Toronto's east end



Man's death in Toronto deemed a homicide

Suspect sought in killing of man found dead in Toronto home



Ontario universities survey students about future

Ontario universities to survey students about adapting for the future



Seven people hurt in crash east of Toronto

Seven people hurt in crash east of Toronto


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