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Letters | Nov 02, 2016

Universities need to do a better job in preparing students to land a job

When I was in university, the most stressful activity wasn’t exam writing. It was getting a job. In the middle of mid-terms,...

Waterloo Region Record
Letters | Aug 31, 2016

The tragedy of a Syrian boy

They say a picture says a thousand words, but when I saw the picture of five-year-old Syrian boy Omar Daqneesh it only said...

Waterloo Chronicle
Letters | Aug 31, 2016

Trudeau government not a threat to security

Re: Trudeau not taking terrorism plot seriously This letter, which may appear in other print media, seems to suggest that the...

Waterloo Chronicle
Letters | Aug 31, 2016

Nestlé deal is unacceptable

Nestlé is looking to sign a new contract with our provincial government to extract water from the wells around Aberfoyle and...

Waterloo Region Record
Letters | Aug 19, 2016

Leave the beavers alone

Maybe it time for people to wise up and look at the big picture and leave Mother Nature to look after us.

Kawartha Lakes This Week | by This Week
Letters | Aug 19, 2016

Encouraging a bee city has many benefits

I appreciate the attention the Waterloo Region Record is paying to the idea of Kitchener becoming a Bee City. A recent...

Waterloo Region Record
Aug 18, 2016

Woman who knows nothing about horses grateful to those who rescued one on her property

To the editor: I had been looking for a house for months, and was delighted to find a small hobby farm in Cameron that I...

Kawartha Lakes This Week | Add Comment | by Mary Riley
Aug 18, 2016

Life is harder under the Wynne Liberals

Thanks to 13 years of Ontario Liberal scandal, mismanagement and waste, our province’s Hydro One customers officially pay the...

Waterloo Region Record | Add Comment
Aug 11, 2016

Wildlife issue requires common sense

Kudos to Luisa D’Amato — she hit the nail right on the head. I have lived in subdivisions in Waterloo Region all my life. I...

Waterloo Region Record | Add Comment
Aug 05, 2016

I'm sorry for being a bystander to your bully. Shame on me

I just returned from the Bolton Canadian Tire store. Again upset, but this time for a different reason. I went into customer...

Caledon Enterprise | Add Comment
Aug 03, 2016

Left ‘breathless’ by hero’s warm heart

Dear Editor: Hero stories come in many forms. Mine is about cancer and brings with it a mix of heart-breaking news but also...

Cambridge Times | 1 Comment
Aug 03, 2016

Please don't allow backyard chickens in Kitchener

Please do not allow chickens in the city limits.

Kitchener Post | 1 Comment
Oct 26, 2015

Pet peeves about the walkway

Dear Editor: I would like to thank the Town for finally installing the top portion of the staircase “on the hill.” We will no...

St. Marys Journal Argus | Add Comment
Oct 02, 2015

Evan's Touch The Truck has grown beyond expectations

Event organizers grateful for support

St. Marys Journal Argus | Add Comment
Sep 23, 2015

Take Back the Night event on Friday in Stratford

Dear Editor:

St. Marys Journal Argus | Add Comment
Sep 16, 2015

Market Square already works well

One must remember that this is Stratford and winter is a fact of life. I doubt many people would like to sit and sip coffee...

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