Building needs to go
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Mar 09, 2015  |  Vote 0    0

Building needs to go

Stratford Gazette

When is this city council and planning subcommittee going to finally have the guts to quit letting this tiny group of heritage building preservationists control everything that takes place with this dilapidated burned-out pile of concrete formerly known as the Cooper site?

And Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick, famous for her theatrical performances that took place when she tried, bible in hand, to bully council into spending millions of the taxpayers’ dollars to try to stop big-bad Wal-Mart from "destroying" the city, is at it again - referencing “bean counters” in another of her off-the-wall rants - bean counters who may actually want to save the taxpayers from wasting millions of dollars in restoring parts of this junk pile.

Or does this heritage group have a pile of their own money stashed somewhere, and are more than willing to part with it in order to preserve what everyone else in this city wants to do away with once and for all?

Not once have I heard of a Heritager offering to pay for one of the endless studies and proposals that are taking place year after year, with decade after decade to follow.

Who will be paying for the $350,000 fence that needs to be placed around this mess now, and who would be paying the cost of replacing the roof?

I cannot for one minute believe that anyone is stupid enough to actually even think of recladding parts of the roof of what’s left of this run-down building. That is the ultimate insult to the taxpayers of this city!

Why are the regular tax-paying citizens of Stratford not being given an opportunity, with a referendum, to make a decision that the decision-makers who were voted in to make, refuse to do?

Trust me - the taxpayers don’t need any more studies and proposals when it comes to preserving this rat-infested eyesore. Hopefully more taxpayers will start to make some noise in this city - this has become the joke of the town with anyone that you talk to.

But as long as Heritagers are allowed to rule this city, the rest of us will also be forced to live in the 18th century along with them - and that burned-out mess downtown will continue to rot. But it may have a nice new shiny fence placed around it, along with a new roof - and guess who will pay for that!

Garry Brodhagen


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