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Not so safe

Stratford Gazette

Re: Vaccination a lot safer than alternative, editorial, Feb. 26

“Vaccination a lot safer than alternative” – that may have been the case at one time. Times have changed. With children receiving multiple doses of multiple diseases, the alternative is now safer.

U.S. statistics from 2005 to 2012 show no deaths from measles, but 108 deaths from the vaccine.

Was the Lancet article really unscientific? It certainly wasn’t fraudulent since the doctor who debunked the study has now confessed to having received a large sum of money to do that. Contrary to your article, several studies still link the measles vaccine with autism.

Herd immunity:  Not at Disneyland. The majority of those who contracted measles were vaccinated. No protection.

Here’s what “they” aren’t telling you: a live virus (measles, chicken pox, etc.) makes you contagious for two weeks, both to the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Quarantine for that length of time should follow vaccination.

Measles virus was found in the urine of the vaccinated. Take care changing diapers.

Is the 95 per cent protection rate accurate? Not when so many of the vaccinated are getting the disease. Are they sure it’s measles and not scarlet fever (which requires penicillin)--and looks like measles?

Yes, we need to eliminate the flawed science that claims there is no connection between measles and autism. Where are the stats on the deaths and side effects of the vaccine? Prove it is safe. Saying so isn’t enough.

Ten days after her MMR shot, my normal  one and a half year-old daughter lay in a hospital bed brain-damaged, autistic and lost her language and comprehension for two and a half years.

Now, 37 years later, we are still living with her brain damage and autism. Years later I was told that the vaccine was ineffective.

As a child, I had measles. Unlike the vaccinated, I have lifetime immunity. The disease is certainly safer – by a long shot.

Sandra Lavalle


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