The bullying disease
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The bullying disease

Stratford Gazette

I have never heard of anyone referring to bullying as some kind of disease but over the years I have watched bullying becoming crippling and lately deadly.

There seems to be no cure but what I have discovered is that bullying can not be spread through coughing or sneezing. It is not spread from animals to humans and no amount of hand washing can stop it.

This bullying disease has been most known to attack the young people and schools are hit the hardest. But today it has spread into our computers, and the internet can and has spread so fast that in a blink of an eye one’s life can be destroyed or worse death comes to those who can not take it or have no way out (so they think this).

Those who bully, they have no insight for humanity. Deep down they are cowards, lonely souls who get by in life brutally destroying another human being. They strive to break the spirit, body and mind. We have young people committing suicide due to this disease and families are left asking why?

As a child I became exposed to those who had this disease and it had, at that time, crippled me physically, mentally and emotionally. I would carry those scars of bullying right into my 50s. I believed back then that when I turned to adulthood I would no longer be exposed to those around me with this illness and I would be freed from the hell.

When I grew up and my youth was behind me I entered into the workplace and soon learned that it was all a myth - that the bullying disease was only among the young. I was naïve to have believe that and what I have learned about this disease, when found in adults, it can became far more painful than I could have ever imagined.

The verbal abuse and the cruelty from bullies can often leave the bruised co-worker feeling alone and depressed. Most time it is so hard to prove the bullying so you are left alone or told you are unstable to work. Depression sets in, thoughts of death pound at your thoughts because you feel you have done something wrong.

I believe we all have choices between better or bitter. I do not have the power within me to put an end to this disease but I can talk about it. I can share my story in hopes that

I can help one young person.

This time of year suicide is rising and we need to stop, look and listen for signs of those struggling, but not for food or gifts. We need to reach out before we lose one more young person or one more adult through this illness.

Dale Carr


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