No government intervention
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No government intervention

Stratford Gazette

Re: Couple cracks open debate on live lobster sales, news, April 24

I did not have the opportunity to speak to the petitioners in person and join the debate. So I would like to say I too do not condone the abuse of animals. I very much enjoy spending time in the outdoors, taking in all the splendor of God’s green Earth.

The stated goal of the petition is to stop the sale of live lobster and, according to the article, to seek a ban on the sale of live lobster from the City of Stratford, if the petition is not successful, in changing the policies of two businesses.

Do the petitioners have any evidence that everyone that purchases live lobster uses “the commonly accepted method” of cooking by dropping the lobster in boiling water?

The statement made, “They say there is mounting evidence that the crustaceans do have the nervous system to feel pain.” Who are “they?”

Also, the statement, “They also say it’s common for lobsters to be stored at facilities, some times for months, without food before they are transported and put in tanks for purchase.” Again who are “They?”

Lobsters are not the only living thing sold to the public in grocery stores; mussels from PEI, also come to mind.

Why do the petitioners go directly to stopping the sale and or government ban on the issue? And a ban when the petitioners have not personally heard from the two businesses? Why not use the issue as an opportunity to educate the public in the humane way to enjoy a lobster dinner at home? As stated by the petitioners, they have no problem with the killing of lobster as long as it is humane way. But then in my opinion, kill and humane can’t really be used in the same sentence.

I wonder if the statements from the two businesses, received by the Gazette, will be enough to settle the matter?  Live lobster is what the public wants.

Why is it that everyone wants to get in the way of a private transaction in our capitalist way of doing business? And the banning issue is where I have the most concern with.

I do not believe that it is any of the City of Stratford’s business to be involved in what a private business sells to its customers, as long as it meets all of the requirements under the rule of law at the time.

If the City was to enact a ban on the issue, sometime in the future no restaurant could sell any live lobster (cooked) to their patrons.  And when it comes to government bans, in most cases it costs a whole industry a lot of job loss. Even some unforeseen consequences, the seal hunt comes to mind and the many Inuit people that have lost their livelihood even though the Inuit are exempt from the ban.

Also, if the city was to entertain the idea of a ban, it would more then likely cost the taxpayers of Stratford, having to have subcommittee meetings and all.

In closing I would urge you to use this issue as a teaching moment for the citizens of this fair city and not another government intervention into people’s lives.

Mike Wille


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