It all starts with greed
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It all starts with greed

Stratford Gazette

Re: Higher wages mean higher sales, editorial, Nov. 28

I just wanted to take a second to commend whomever wrote the editorial on low wages for the Gazette. Well said. The argument that higher wages will push the costs up for consumers is not even an argument at all.

So hundreds of thousands of people are forced to live below the poverty line because another person might not be able to afford some cheap plastic junk from China? No thank you, not in my country.

Yes it’s true that the manufacturing sector is constantly under threat from Asian countries that are willing to pay their employees a slave wage (another story), but the employees of stores like Walmart have one thing going for them – Walmart might be able to move its manufacturing sector to Asia, but it can’t move its retail stores to Asia where sweatshop workers can’t afford even Walmart’s bargain prices. And even if they could they have bigger concerns than cheap plastic junk made in ... oh the irony.

Greed is the root cause of poverty, and poverty is the root cause of everything that is horrible about the world. Yes it’s that simple.

Don’t like abortion? Don’t waste your time picketing, fight poverty. Poverty is directly linked to the majority of abortions. This way you’ll actually accomplish something tangible and you don’t have to hurt anyone to do it.

Don’t like your government? Fight poverty. Low income has been directly related to low voter turnout as lower income families naturally feel disenfranchised with democracy.

Don’t like crime? Don’t like alcoholism or drug abuse? How about spousal abuse, drunk drivers, school bullies, our overburdened health care system, racism, or yes even terrorism? You can waste precious time, energy and even money fighting your chosen cause but it’s really a Band-Aid solution.

Look at all the people in this country making so-called minimum wage and consider that most of those people are living below the poverty line so that you and I can afford more junk, and so that Walmart’s upper echelons can buy another luxury car.

Even if you’re reading this on the deck of your yacht and wondering why you should worry about whether anyone lives above or below any line - remember that it could be you or a loved one on the wrong end of a home invasion one day and no amount of money will help you then.

So yes, play the long game because it’s actually in your best interest.

Leigh Cooney


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