Not staying quite about Quarry
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Jun 27, 2013  |  Vote 0    0

Not staying quite about Quarry

St. Marys Journal Argus

Dear Editor:

I pulled my weekly copy of the St. Marys Journal Argus out of my mailbox today and was faced with shear disappointment when I read the headline “High dive nose-dive?”

I want people of this town to know that I love the high dive at the St. Marys Quarry and I was disappointed last year already, enough, and I was hoping so very much that this year it would re-open, now that the water levels are back up. I was so disappointed last year that I only swam at the Quarry twice, but in other years I would get a swim pass and swim there like 10 times or more. Last year I didn’t even bother with getting a swim pass and I doubt that I will this year, now that I read this.

To me, the high dive at the Quarry was half of the fun, or more than half of the fun, of going to swim at the Quarry. This makes me want to cry, scream, I’m not sure what, so I’ll just write this letter to the editor to make my view heard and to express my concern for this town, that is supposed to be “the town worth living in” but, more and more, it is not and this is another example of why.

Please don’t let this happen, and if it is money that we need to bring it back up to par, I promise I have at least $100 (or more if that is what it will take) right here with the St. Marys Quarry High Dive written all over it! Just call me and ask for it, my phone number is in the book, under St. Marys.

God save this town and save the FUN that this town had.

PS: Look at all the people driving their cars and trucks around and people die and are injured every single day and minute, but we don’t stop and “decommission” them all, now do we? No, we don’t, so why on earth would we do that to the high dive, when I can’t count a single person that has ever been seriously injured. I think we should all give our heads a good shake and make this “the town worth living in” and and not “the town that was worth living in.”

Sorry, but all I wanted was to have some fun at the Quarry again this year, like I had in the years before last. Please, please, I beg with sugar on top, whatever you do don’t get rid of the high diving board at the Stonetown, St. Marys Quarry. Thank you very, very much.

I cannot speak for the Lind family that donated the original back in 1950, but I think I know how they would feel about this...

Yours truly,

Barry Brebner

St. Marys

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