Response from MP to bullying article
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Response from MP to bullying article

St. Marys Journal Argus

Dear Editor:

I recently received a reply from Mr. Gary Schellenberger, MP for Perth-Wellington, in response to my May article in the Journal Argus entitled, “Would you stop bullying at its highest level?” Although I was pleased that he sent me a personal reply, I was quite concerned about the message it sent about the philosophy and attitudes of our current government.

Mr. Schellenberger stated that he considered Mr. Trudeau an equal, and congratulated him on winning the leadership race for the Liberal Party. He went on to say that he, himself, works hard as Member of Parliament for Perth-Wellington, and though he feels that he serves his constituents well, he doesn’t believe he would make a good candidate to be Prime Minister. Mr. Schellenberger then states that he believes that Justin Trudeau reflects this same lack of ability.

If Mr. Schellenberger wants to sets limits for himself, that’s his prerogative, and he certainly has the right to do so. But I find it arrogant and condescending that others should not be encouraged to reach for their dreams on the recommendations of our all-knowing and controlling government.

I’m sure our MP is repeating the Conservative Party line when he states this, but think about the message Mr. Schellenberger is sending us.

Would he tell his children or grandchildren they didn’t have the ability to become anything they set their minds to? Would you want your child’s teacher to tell him/her that they lacked the ability and will to achieve their dreams? Absolutely not! We would all be at the school door within a matter of seconds to protest that injustice!

Why, then, does our government feel they can use our tax money in order to further their own political agenda, and inform us they are the best judge of the character and ability of a fellow MP, who Mr. Schellenberger refers to as an equal? Does our government feel we lack the mental ability to judge our leaders on our own, without direction from “Big Brother?”

Their record for recognizing and appointing trustworthy Senators and Chiefs of Staff, with only the good of the country in mind, proves they may not be the best judge of character.

I would like to ask Mr. Schellenberger, and the Harper government, how our country may have been different if the great leaders of our past, in wartime and in peacetime, had been told that they lacked the ability to lead. What if persons in power had told them, or prevented them, from using their creativity and vision to lead and create the great nation that Canada is today?

Mr. Schellenberger finishes by stating that his government, and Prime Minister, have been the recipient of unfair, unsubstantiated, and unethical campaigns for a decade, and calls them ridiculous attacks. He says, “In comparison with previous attacks against us, the Conservative Party of Canada highlights truths about leaders and empowers voters to make better choices concerning their leadership.”

Highlights truths about leaders and empowers voters? I’m not sure how you view them, but the “ridiculous” attack ads against Mr. Trudeau seem to be unfair, unsubstantiated, and unethical campaigns to me. But I’m sure Mr. Harper knows what is best for us, and we shouldn’t question him, as he is the supreme judge of character when it comes to who has the ability to run this country ethically.

It’s time to say no to the money-wasting bullying by the Harper government, and use your own mind to judge our leaders on their record, talents, abilities, and their vision for this great country of ours.

We support and expect great futures and contributions from the endless potential of our children. Let’s expect the same from our government.


Peter Rice

St. Marys

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