Stand up for what’s right
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Mar 20, 2013  |  Vote 0    0

Stand up for what’s right

Stratford Gazette

I have read recently in Stratford's print media letters from Linda Willis of Change Her World and Racheel Raza for QMI, and reports about International Women's Day and the Sunshine Room at Stratford General Hospital.

These stories are about trying to make women’s lives better. They are about equality.

Then I read that Yasir Naqvi, a Liberal MPP for Ottawa Centre, sent an ill advised congratulatory letter to one Suhail Kapoor for his book, Balancing Life and Beyond, in which he reports that wife beating for improper behaviour (as determined by the beater) is OK in the Islamic religion so long as it is done “lightly,” is not in the face, and leaves no marks.

There are so many issues here I can’t write quickly enough for fear of losing track of them.

First, why is it that women have to continually, even in the 21st century, scratch and claw (and I use those words non-stereotypically) for every ounce of respect they achieve and deserve? Is it as simple as the fact that men have stronger right arms and are, therefore, able to bring a quick end to equality debates in which they aren’t faring well?

I don't know the answer to that, but I know accolades are deserved by the women mentioned above and all the others who refuse to acquiesce to second class citizenry.

Second, our new premier has to be seen as a take-charge person, and if she doesn't use an issue as clear as this one to exact a measure of discipline over her caucus by publicly and severely reprimanding Naqvi, despite his apology, she will demonstrate an absence of decisiveness and judgement which will contribute to her demise in the next election.

Third, how is it we have come to a point in our society where we are even having this conversation? How can it even be possible that a discussion of  religiously condoned wife beating seeps into the 2013 edition of Canadian public consciousness?

It is mentally aberrant that a male (I refuse to use the descriptor man in this instance) would think it acceptable to begin to analyze wife beating in terms of levels – and therefore acceptable – intimates that someone who interprets this religion's tenets differently than the liberal Kapoor might justify resorting to a really good  blood-letting just to drive the point home.

When would Kapoor allow weapons in order to render a “light” rebuke of unaccepted behaviour, ie. a soft newspaper rolled up or perhaps something made of plastic or rubber? Is the back of the hand or only the palm permissible to administer a “light” beating? I suppose Kapoor thinks a mild “tap” (his phraseology) might get his wife’s attention and realign her behavioural meanderings.

I guess the four women/girls murdered in Kingston because of some lunatic sense of honour really messed up. I wonder how many times they were tapped before the resident male asserted his ultimate right according to the holy book.

I recall that Dalton McGuinty once entertained the recognition of sharia law for Ontario. If Premier Kathleen Wynne wants to distance herself from her predecessor and that kind of moronic musing, she must come down on Naqvi's stupidity and Kapoor's 12th century mindset with more than just a light tap on the wrist.

Real men don’t subjugate their wives like so much property. Only cowardly males do that. I'm disgusted, incensed, and angry that my Canada has been tainted so.

Larry Baswick


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