What Duck Dynasty taught me...
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What Duck Dynasty taught me...

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Not All There by Ann Hepburn

I know it seems weird that I would learn something from Duck Dynasty. For those not familiar with the program, it is about a bunch of very rich rednecks. I know that is an oxymoron in itself, but they got rich selling duck calls. As rich as they are, still very redneck. They all wear camouflage – even camo suits!

What I learned, well not so much learned, but was reminded of, was the extreme importance of family. The episode we watched last night had a young lad, about 16, go to his grandfather and ask to use the boat to take his girlfriend “fishing”.

Well grandfather decided he should take them fishing, and fishing they went. While having them as captive audience, out on the river, he talked about fishing, as well as “fishing”. Reminded his grandson that he should never touch a young lady below the neck, and that he could catch a bunch of things he was not really looking for. It was quite comical, and I think the young lad, and the girlfriend would have rather drown.

During the same episode two of the brothers were scrapping all day. But at the end of the day, we found all the family, grandfather, grandson, and the brothers, all seated around the family table enjoying a meal together. Laughter and love surrounded the home cooked dishes, and all was well again.

This made me remember the importance of family. During my son’s recently ended relationship, I constantly reminded him that it was important to make time to see his grandparents. He was too busy with other social engagements. Which I understand, but none the less I did not want him to regret not having that time with them when the option is no longer available.

My Dad even asked me to have Travis send a picture of himself, as Poppa was forgetting what he looked like – pretty subtle Dad! This however drove the point home to Travis that it had been awhile! This past weekend Travis spent some time with both sets of grandparents, and they were all quite happy to have a few minutes of the kid’s time!

I understand that as a young person there are much more exciting things to do with your time, but I wish now, when I am not so young, that I could spend a loooooooong time with my grandparents. They have a lot to teach you, they have had different experiences than we will ever have. Unfortunately these relationships do have an expiry date. You never know when the last time you see these people will be, but one thing I know is it will be too soon.

Don’t take your family for granted. Take time out of your hectic schedule to get to know your grandparents, stay connected with your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. Friends are great, but Family is the essence of life. Once they are gone, you will miss them with all your heart. Make time today, tomorrow may be too late.

As always remember to be yourself, everyone else is taken.

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