Army and Navy celebrates opening with euchre and...
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Army and Navy celebrates opening with euchre and dance

St. Marys Journal Argus

Muriel Sheldon, Looking Back

25 years ago — 1988

We See: THAT Robert Ross of R.R. 1 St. Marys was recently elected vice-chair of the Ontario Dairy Herd Improvement Association. Mr. Ross was previously a director.

All secondary schools in Perth County will have a semestered system in place for the fall. Semestering is a timetable pattern which allows students up to eight courses as in the traditional timetable, but the school year is divided into two halves.

The 14th anniversary of the Friendship Centre was celebrated recently, reports Elizabeth. The anniversary was much less formal than the 10th anniversary was. But cake and coffee were enjoyed, as well as watching a video or looking at scrapbooks.

Wilf’s Chicken and Seafood, corner of Brock and Queen Streets in St. Marys, was celebrating its 17th anniversary.

Several members from the St. Thomas Anglican Church, Granton, attended a supper at St. Paul’s Church, Kirkton, recently, when Rev. Robert Townsend made his official visit to the parish. (Granton)

50 years ago — 1963

While some little places just seem to have faded away over the years, not so in Kirkton. There have been seven new homes built over the past three years and, besides that, Norris Athill has a very handsome new service station, plus lunch counter, and there is a new animal hospital built by Dr. Norman Amos and Dr. Bill Schaefer. (The Rambling Reporter Round Up)

General Motors of Canada reports that is spent a record-breaking $575 million last year in Canada for materials and services, and payment of wages and taxes. (from the Editorial page)

75 years ago — 1938

Mr. Tagerty, truck driver for the Avonbank Cheese and Butter factory, had a wheel which came off his truck while in our vicinity recently. He was driving at a moderate rate and, therefore, avoided an accident. Dobson Motors’ repair service truck was called and the damage to the truck was soon repaired. (Glendale)

The local Army and Navy Club opened its clubroom on Wellington Street recently by the holding of a euchre and dance, which was well attended. The vets have made considerable improvements to the building since taking over the premises. (News of the Town)

Reception: Mrs. J.H. Matson will receive, for the first time since coming to St. Marys, at her new home, corner of Elizabeth and Peel Streets, on Thursday, March 10 from 3-6 p.m.

While reaching in behind the spare tire of his truck in order to repair the air line tube, Jack Wilson, who drives the Collegiate Institute students to town from Lakeside, slipped and his arm being fast behind the tire, was wrenched out of its socket. Jack is nursing a rather bad sprain and bruises from the dislocated joint but is making good progress now.

100 years ago — 1913

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Pym, of Science Hill, have moved into their new home on the townline, between Blanshard and Fullarton, a mile west of the Centre Sideroad. Mr. Pym has built a fine new barn and a handsome residence this past summer. (Science Hill)

Advertisement: Get Busy and be Ready for Sugar Making by ordering your Sap Pails and Evaporators from Cline and Burt, agents for the best metal roofing, ceiling and sidewalks, located on Wellington Street.

The scholars of the St. James Sunday School had a fine time on their sleighride recently and at the tea which followed. The Rector, Superintendent and Teachers desire to thank those who so kindly provided teams and sleighs. (News of the Town)

Report of S.S. No. 10, Blanshard: V class: A. Crago, O. Kemp; IV: M. Ross, G. Stone, C. Bailey, M. Epplett, N. Spearin, E. Kirkby; Sr. III: B. Ross, O. Crago, I. Berry, H. Paynter, L. Beavers, I. Switzer; Jr. III: R. Kirkby, K. Beavers, B. Bragg, H. Bailey, A. Crago; 2nd: O. Bragg, I. Bellamay, V. Kirkby, F. Spearin, P. Paynter; Jr. II: H. Ross, L. Kirkby; Jr. I: E. Stone, M. Kerslake, E. Beavers. (Berryland)

A tablespoon of washing soda and a cup of vinegar poured down the sink cleans out the most stubborn of clogged pipes. (Useful Hint)

It would not be a bad idea to have some boxes placed at convenient spots on the streets in which to deposit discarded newspapers, wrapping, banana skins and other refuse that is now thrown on the street. (Point of View)

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