Now in USA: A Canadian neighbour’s perspective
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Feb 20, 2013  |  Vote 0    0

Now in USA: A Canadian neighbour’s perspective

St. Marys Journal Argus

Dear Editor:

We are all part of a giant restructuring of society far bigger than the reported “Great Recession.” American government stats reveal 170,000 more job losses in January. Since George W. Bush’s presidency, 50,000 manufacturing facilities have been shuttered.

Just drive from Detroit to Kentucky to reveal the major job loss crisis, with 50,000 fewer working people in the USA each month.

The globalists of the New World Order, the financial elite, and both Republicans and Democrats, continue to ship American jobs overseas to promote world trade in a mythical free trade level playing field. Since 2000, transnational corporations have eliminated 2.9 million US jobs while hiring 4.2 million jobs overseas. Now one quarter of all Americans earn less than $10 per hour but CEOs make 350 times the average worker’s salary — a polarization that can’t last.

Purchasing power of the greenback shrinks about five per cent yearly, yet needed staples are skyrocketing (ie: gasoline has tripled in 10 years, insurance fraud, and commodities spiked).

Family median incomes declined four years consecutively by a total of $4,000.

The pain of joblessness and under-employment is already at Depression levels. Unemployment of 7.9 per cent, in November reports, is really close to double that since after 18 months of joblessness, one is no longer counted. Food stamps are now issued to one in 6.5 Americans — tripled since 2000.

One million schoolchildren have no address. a 1913 dollar has only 2¢ of purchasing power today but a pre-1965 silver dime will be yours for 32 dimes.

Lest we Canadians feel smug, please understand private Canadians have borrowed $1.50 for every $1 private Americans have borrowed.

Four major issues are destabilizing America: moral decay, monetary collapse, negative trade balances, and immense military spending.

Evidence portrays America in a supercycle downward and recent trends are troubling, yet mainstream citizens are grossly uninformed and ill-prepared. A new two per cent payroll tax began in January, and 77 per cent of families already live paycheque to paycheque. Grandparents are returning to work of necessity while their grandchildren leave college to live in their parents’ basement — unemployed.

Total retirement savings for 46 per cent of Americans are under $10,000 (only a few months of “security”).

Truthfully, Uncle Sam fell off the fiscal cliff years ago by wandering into unpayable debt new totalling $16.4 trillion, plus $200 trillion more for the promised social security IOUs, allowing government-promised pensions, medical and other “entitlements.” Not one penny has been saved yet to make these IOUs even credible.

There has been no real GDP growth since 2006. World nations concerned by unbacked printing press money (Quantitative Easing, #4) are choosing other currencies to reduce risk in transactions of international trade.

Canada is unable to de-link; indeed, we’re too harmonized already.

Where are we in this picture of two close friends and nations? Decide if “In God We Trust” is a mere slogan, or heartfelt tenet.

Canada reminds me of the cabbie who was asked “Do you know where you’re going?” and quickly responded: “No, but I’m driving fast.”

A proud Canadian patriot,

David Hern


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