Will there ever be world peace?
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Dec 21, 2012  |  Vote 0    0

Will there ever be world peace?

Stratford Gazette

Another Christmas with no real peace, here or anywhere else. Why is this? The ignorant and the unimaginative maintain that “twas ever thus, mankind can’t change.”

The actuality is much more  likely that we just can’t be bothered, or worse, that we really don’t want to create peace because we’re afraid that it may somehow mean sacrificing something.

I like evidence, and evidence clearly demonstrates that without better intention and without an educated plan, peace won’t exist. We may have uneasy spells of less conflict, but that’s not peace.

One of the inconvenient human truths that so many of us try to avoid is that peace requires justice. And justice never allows “othering.”

Peace requires us to understand that we are all in this together, forever and for always. Peace demands that the lucky never allow anyone to get lost or left behind, that at the core of life, we are all worthy and must treat each other as such.

Peace knows that learning to live sustainably is necessary. Humans can’t learn peace while making other animals miserable or while pillaging the planet.

What to do, what to do ...

We can start by examining our own fear and greed. We can each work to create a more equal society. We can change the culture of “entertainment” that we indulge in and that our babies  absorb.

We can create a Ministry of Peace with a cabinet minister responsible for running each piece of policy through a peace-creation lens. We can divest ourselves of all arms production within our borders. We can purchase search and rescue planes instead of war planes designed only for aggression and death.

We know in our hearts how to do this. We’d all feel better about ourselves and our society once we get started.

Justice-based peace would mean less gender violence, less child predation, less road rage and bullying, less gun violence, fewer hospital visits and jail terms and  better education for everyone.

Perhaps, once again, we could even hold our heads high at the UN.

Dawn McLaughlin


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