Different views
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Different views

Stratford Gazette

Re: The nature of our existence, letter to the editor, March 29

With regard to Mr. Scheerer and Matthew 6:5, one only has to go back to Verse 2 to see the context of Verse 5. In Verse 2 Jesus talks about those who give alms to the poor “that they may have glory (praise) of men.”

Matthew 6: 1-6 is a unit, which teaches, through differing examples, the dangers of hypocritical religion.

When it comes to Sweden, Mr. Scheerer is alarming in what he says and doesn’t say. First, he has no problem with Sweden scooping a minimum of 65 per cent of a worker’s wage. Second, it seems clear that he has no problem with Sweden’s state-controlled justice system, educational system, its view of children as property of the state or Sweden’s sexual morals.

I ask readers again, “Is this what we want for Canada?”

Scheerer tries the old atheist dodge that Hitler was a Christian. Well, Hitler was baptized a Catholic and was careful about what he said about the Catholic church as a matter of political expediency. Hermann Rauschning was a close advisor to Hitler who defected to the west and wrote Voice of Destruction, a collection of conversations with Hitler and others. Here is what Hitler said about Christianity:

“But for our people it is decisive whether they acknowledge the Jewish Christ-creed with its effeminate pity-ethics, or a strong belief ... in our destiny. (Christianity is) all the same old Jewish swindle.”

Hitler was an atheist and an evolutionist.

Mr. Scheerer dodges my point about atheists doing science. I did not say that atheists don't do science, nor did I say they are not interested in science. What I said was that there is no reason to do science since in the atheist worldview there can be no such thing as inductive reasoning – as admitted by the British skeptic David Hume.

In the worldview of the atheist there is only material stuff, ever changing, randomly, moving through time and space. How does this provide the regularity in the natural world necessary to do science?

Atheists do science, they do reason, and they speak in ethical categories even though these things are not consistent with their worldview. These things only make sense in a Christian worldview. Mr. Scheerer is borrowing from the Christian worldview while trying to deny its validity.

Dave Joslin, Brussels

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