Consumers have the power to save Canadian food...
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Mar 26, 2008  |  Vote 0    0

Consumers have the power to save Canadian food industry

St. Marys Journal Argus

Dear Editor;As a member of the Ontario Landowners Association, I frequently get callsfrom people who want to help save our domestic food industry but don't knowhow. The answer is surprisingly simple - and it's something every Canadiancan do. First, realize how much power you actually have in this situation. Unlikemany other countries, our government was created to reflect the will of themajority of its citizens. We, the people, are the government and thepoliticians that we elect work for us. If we want change in our country, weneed to pressure our elected representatives to create that change.And we can do it. When the Ontario government tried to sell off OntarioHydro - our crown corporation - to foreign interests, we stopped this fromhappening by sticking together and saying "no." And this type of determination is what will save our Canadian food industry.Currently, over 51 per cent of what we eat is imported from other countries,despite the fact that we can - and do - grow most of this food right here.Simply put, reaching for imports robs Canadians of jobs, undermines our homeindustries and makes us overly dependant on other countries.It's time to develop a snotty, superior attitude about Canadian products.When politicians are going for election and are trying to get your vote, askthem what they will do to support Canadian businesses. If they dodge thequestion, keep asking until you get an answer. Tell them that supportingCanadian industries is one of your top priorities, and you expect it to beone of their's.And you can do more. When you go into stores, ask where they stock theirlocal produce and other Canadian-made products. If all you can find areimports, speak to the manager and tell them you want to buy Canadian,instead. Boycott stores that import food from other countries instead ofsupporting our own businesses. We live in the best country in the world. It's time to take pride in what weproduce.David HoneyPresident, Niagara Landowners Association

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