Ryan refutes Rickett's claims about CNR Centre...
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Ryan refutes Rickett's claims about CNR Centre stormwater

Stratford Gazette

Re: Rickett not impressed with Lichti's approach, Letter, Dec. 17

Some months back, Coun. Chris Rickett, at my request, agreed to reserve his comments on matters concerning the CNR Centre until he reviewed all documents and spoke to myself on any issue with which he personally had a concern. Mr. Rickett has not ever called to ask me any question.

In contrast, Coun. Lloyd Lichti has called me several times, requesting documents and answers to his questions. He advises me that he not only obtains my information but requests city staff to provide their documents and answers to his questions and concerns.

What approach of Mr. Lichti in dealing with Lawrence Ryan would Mr. Rickett have to question?

The public works subcommittee did not give direction to staff at their July 27, 2004 meeting to look into the alleged stormwater concern at the CNR Centre set out in engineer Tom Crozier's letter dated Nov. 23. Why does Mr. Rickett state that this happened?

Mr. Rickett states, "The building code lays out floor drains are to be connected to the sanitary system and, since a portion of the roof is missing, it is quite logical to conclude water is getting into the system from the Cooper site."

Had Mr. Rickett or any staff member inspected the foundation of the floor of the Tender Shop where the roof is missing, they would know that I removed the foundation pads which held up the centre steel columns leaving several 16-square-foot openings in the floor. This is where the stormwater drains off into the soil. There are no known drains in this floor. So much for logic!

The City of Stratford has no authority to restrict the flow from an installed and approved private sewage pipe. It is disconcerting that Mr. Rickett does not believe Mr. Crozier when he states in his letter dated Nov. 23 that sewage may back up onto the Cooper site during a heavy rainfall after the city installs a restricting device.

There are no Ministry of Labour orders nor Ministry of Environment orders which limit the use of the property or buildings. Why does Mr. Rickett state such orders exist? Based upon this false belief, Mr. Rickett states "it's logical to assume there are limited numbers of people using the toilet - not enough to flood the downtown with sewage and enough to bypass the restrictor." Why does Mr. Rickett not provide any evidence to support his assumptions?

City staff must recognize the CNR Centre has full rights and use of its sanitary and storm systems without restriction.

There is really quite a simple solution to all of this: Council and staff could simply act respectfully towards myself and the CNR Centre when dealing with alleged concerns.

I can advise that Mr. Crozier has now confirmed thefollowing:

- neither he nor any of his staff have any evidence to verify where the alleged stormwater (if it is stormwater) is coming from

- the CNR Centre is discharging less sewage and/or stormwater than is allowed

- city staff have not taken into account the present use of the property and buildings.

There is, therefore, no possibility that the city's sanitary sewer system could be overloaded by the lack of a roof on the Tender Shop at the CNR Centre which is the basis for Mr. Crozier's intent to install a restriction device.

Mr. Rickett has failed to consider the quantity and type of sewage which may flow through the CNR Centre sanitary services. When these services were installed, they provided for substantial flows to accommodate the heavy industrial uses of the property and buildings. It is unlikely that any present-day or future use will overload the existing systems.

Why does Mr. Rickett write articles which have no basis in fact to support them?

I ask Mr. Rickett to provide written answers to all of the above quesitons.

Councillors who fail or refuse to take the approach of Coun. Lichti in dealing with issues ought not be suprised next election!

Lawrence Ryan


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