University sees stars thanks to St. Marys donation
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University sees stars thanks to St. Marys donation

St. Marys Journal Argus

25 years ago — 1989

During 1988, the St. Marys Fire Department responded to 63 alarms, 36 of them in St. Marys, 23 in Blanshard Township, three in Downie and one from the Mitchell Fire Department.

Householders in St. Marys can expect to have blue boxes on hand for curbside waste recycling by May 1 this year. Two thousand of the plastic boxes, — to be used for recycling glass, newsprint and tin and aluminum cans on a weekly basis — have been ordered.

NOTICE: To all Blanshard Township residents and property owners. A meeting is to be held at the Township Hall, Rannoch, for the purpose of discussing the celebration of the municipality’s 150th anniversary in 1989. All residents and property owners are invited to attend to put forth suggestions for the event. (M. Jacques, Clerk)

NOTICE: Council and staff of the Township of Zorra cordially invite residents to attend an Open House at the new office and Council chambers addition on Highway 19, at Log Cabin Road, Ingersoll.

The St. Marys Day Care Nursery was advertising for two or three people to work at the school as supply staff.

50 years ago — 1964

During the Christmas holiday season, there was some reminiscing over the past few years’ events and eventually the conversation turned to who started the lovely idea of outdoor lighting in the community, and it was Gordon Gregory’s on the Uniondale Sideroad. The Gregory’s had a large spruce tree on their lawn and decorated it with lights, and the tree could be seen for miles. The next year, a few other homes did outdoor decorating. Now it is a real Christmas custom in the village and several surrounding homes to really light up, and it’s such a nice custom every Christmas. (Uniondale)

Msgr. Daniel J. Egan, a native of St. Marys, formerly of Stratford, the oldest Roman Catholic priest in London Diocese, died recently. He received his early academic training in the schools of St. Marys and, for a time, was engaged as a locomotive fireman with the Grand Trunk Railway, working out of Stratford. Following his ordination, Msgr. Egan was attached to St. Peter’s Cathedral, London, and later, in Stratford, he was the first pastor of the recently-opened Church of the Immaculate Conception. In 1928, he was appointed pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, Stratford, an office he held until 1955.

75 years ago — 1939

All roads are open again for motor traffic, after the continued mild spell. (Downie)

Two men who have been outstanding figures in the farming community around St. Marys were Joseph White and Robert McIntosh. They both were constantly in touch with the people of the community throughout a long period of years as buyers of livestock. Both commanded the high respect and confidence of the community. It was a strange coincidence that both men should die within five days of each other. (Editorial)

From Town Council: A considerable stack of applications were read by Clerk J.W. White at a recent Council meeting. Some of the applications were for Fireman, Janitor, Weed Inspector. One such applicant for the janitorship at the Town Hall promised to do the job at $2 per day and promised to cut the grass as well. There were no changes made and the present staff was re-hired.

Sealed tenders are being called for the sale of the house recently purchased by the Public Utilities Commission on the west side of Wellington Street North, previously owned by Wm. Young. The house is to be moved or demolished, and rubble taken away, except the stone wall foundation, by March 1, 1939.

Muriel Hotson is recovering from an attack of blood poisoning. (Avonbank)

100 years ago — 1914

The Mathematics and Astronomy Department of the University of Western Ontario is today the happy possessor of a new six-inch reflecting telescope, because an interested visitor at the University’s Western Fair exhibit stopped and chatted with Rev. W.G. Cosgrove. The donor, Mrs. Thomas Sparks of St. Marys, initially met Rev. Cosgrove, who lectured daily on Celestial Phenomena. On learning that the university had but one meager piece of astronomic equipment, Mrs. Sparks generously offered to donate a telescope that belonged to her late husband, who had been an ardent amateur astronomer and, in her home, were the required parts of a reflecting telescope. Mr. Cosgrove come to St. Marys and picked up Mrs. Sparks’ generous gift.

The Thames Quarry Co., have erected a large addition to their plant in the form of a factory for the manufacture of cement bricks. A lot of fine machines have been installed, which will be in operation in a few days. The bricks will be made from the refuse from the stone crusher and cement. The brick machine will turn out a finished product at the rate of 25 per minute. This new factory will mean a considerable addition to the staff already employed there. The new building is of cement, and is a large, substantial structure fitted with all modern appliances.

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