2013 Listowel Fair Culinary Arts winners
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2013 Listowel Fair Culinary Arts winners

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A wide variety of delicious goods were entered in the culinary arts competition at the Listowel Fair. The committee consisted of Marilyn Hamilton, Marilyn Whaley, Marg Vander Eyk, Robina Alexander and chairperson Charlene Hayden.

The results were as follows, in order of merit:


White bread: Beth Annett

Plain buns, joined: Beth Annett, Marybelle Dittmer

Plain rolls: Beth Annett, Dorothy Grotenhuis


Date bran muffins: Dorothy Grotenhuis

Scones: Beth Annett

Lemon loaf: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marjorie Vander Borgh, Helena Vander Ploeg

Banana loaf: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marjorie Vander Borgh, Helena Vander Ploeg


Oatmeal cookies: Beth Annett, Marjorie Vander Borgh, Helena Vander Ploeg

Peanut butter cookies: Marlene Heinmiller, Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marj Vander Borgh

Unbaked squares, with nuts: Marjorie Vander Borgh, Beth Annett, Susanne Voll


Carrot cake: Marybelle Dittmer, Dorothy Grotenhuis

Gumdrop cake: Marybelle Dittmer, Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marjorie Vander Borgh

Date squares: Marybelle Dittmer, Robina Alexander, Beth Annett

Hello dollies: Marjorie Vander Borgh, Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marybelle Dittmer

Rhubarb pie: Debbie Greydanus

Raspberry pie: Robina Alexander

Raisin pie: Robina Alexander, Marybelle Dittmer



Strawberry jam, cooked: Susanne Voll, Marybelle Dittmer, Robina Alexander

Strawberry jam, freezer: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marjorie VanderBorgh, Georgina Johnston

Strawberry-rhubarb jam: Marjorie Elg, Dorothy Grotenhuis, Tracey Stark

Rhubarb jam: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marjorie Elg, Tracey Stark

Black currant jam: Marjorie Elg

Raspberry jam: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Tracey Stark, Susanne Voll

Two-fruit jam: Tracey Stark, Marlene Tait, Dorothy Grotenhuis

Any other jam/jelly: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Tracey Stark, Marjorie Elg

Icicle pickles: Marybelle Dittmer

Hot dog relish: Amanda Kocher, Marlene Tait, Helena Vander Ploeg

Seven- or nine-day pickles: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Helena Vander Ploeg

Bread and butter pickles: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Helena Vander Ploeg, Marlene Tait

Salsa: Helena Vander Ploeg, Dorothy Grotenhuis


Listowel Banner, pan of squares: Marj Vander Borgh

Kitchen Cupboard and Icebox: cake pops: Marybelle Dittmer

Perth County Milk Producers, rice pudding: Marybelle Dittmer, Marilyn Whaley, Susanne Voll

Gay Lea Foods, butter tarts: Marybelle Dittmer

See 2013, page 19

Perth-Waterloo Egg Producers, pickled eggs: Dorothy Grotenhuis, Marylou Dittmer, Marlene Tait

Perth-Waterloo Egg Producers, sponge cake: Marybelle Dittmer, Robina Alexander

Perth-Waterloo Egg Producers, salad dressing: Marybelle Dittmer, Robina Alexander, Dorothy Grotenhuis


60 per cent whole wheat bread: Robina Alexander

Chocolate cake: Beth Annett, Marlene Heinmiller

Marble cake: Robina Alexander

Veggie tray with dip: Marlene McQuinn, Marlene Tait, Dorothy Grotenhuis

Chocolate chip cookies, ages 10-15: Kaitlyn Vander Ploeg, Kaitlyn Elg, Jolene Koch


Fleischmann’s, raisin bread: Beth Annett

Fleischmann’s, shortbread: Marybelle Dittmer

Fleischmann’s, quick bread: Dorothy Grotenhuis

Robin Hood flour, morning glory muffins: Marj Vander Borgh, Marilyn Whaley

Crisco, strawberry pie: Debbie Greydanus

Certo, favourite jelly: Debbie Greydanus, Marybelle Dittmer

Bernardin, strawberry-banana jam: Dorothy Grotenhuis

Bernardin, mason jar craft: Barb Nafziger

Bernardin, gift pack: Debbie Greydanus

Bernardin, best in show: Dorothy Grotenhuis

JUNIOR CLASS (age 16 and under)

Brownies: MacKenna Halliday, Addison Halliday, Carrson Ohm

Banana chocolate chip muffins: Jillian Ohm, Addison Halliday, Kaitlyn Vander Ploeg

Peanut butter cookies: MacKenna Halliday, Addison Halliday, Kaitlyn Elg

Cake pops: MacKenzie Wilken, Drew Wilken

Nutritional after school snack: Erica Klumpenhouwer

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