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Council takes a second look at farmhouse severance policy

STRATFORD – Perth County council has decided to take a second look at their proposed surplus...



Electric car charge station available to public

LISTOWEL – Electric car owners are sure to get a charge out of a new addition to Listowel’s...



OPP on the watch for fake US bills

NORTH PERTH – The Perth County OPP is currently investigating two incidents where local businesses...



Driver behavior needs to change to stem the deaths on and off Ontario roads

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) fatality data for motorcyclists and off-road vehicle deaths reveals...



More to Perth than just agriculture, county council says

STRATFORD – Perth County council is looking at better ways of communicating with the agricultural...


Health Care

Hospital staff undergo senior friendly training

LISTOWEL – With aging populations becoming increasingly important for hospitals, staff from Listowel...



Steve Kerr Complex sod turning set for June 4

LISTOWEL – After years of discussion, planning, and fundraising, the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex is...



Tax increases a balancing act, mayor says

LISTOWEL – With municipal taxes increasing almost every year, Mayor Julie Behrns shared a little...


A glimpse at the renovations made by Ambiance Interiors through the Father’s Heart Healing Ministries before and after. Based out of Atwood, Ambiance Interiors owner Kahley DeVries said she was eager to create a meaningful space for the women’s shelter.


On Jan. 27, Diana Sweets played host to the monthly North Perth Breastfeeding Buddies peer support group. The group met at the restaurant in part to help launch the Perth District Health Unit’s i-breastfeed campaign, which features Perth County moms and babies. Diana Sweets also posted on its door the first window decal in North Perth to promote breastfeeding “anytime, anywhere” to indicate that breastfeeding is welcome in the restaurant.

Laurel's Vintage Shop

ALWAYS IN STYLE – Laurie Brink of Laurel’s Vintage Shop has just the thing to add a unique touch to your home. Laurel’s Vintage Shop is also a retailer of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

Pigs of Hope

PIGS OF HOPE – The Pigs of Hope fundraising campaign is being launched this Saturday, Dec. 2 at Life’s A Party. Pictured left to right are: Tracey Goetz, Michele Deniet, Jim Scarlett, Ron Robinson, LeAnne Deniet, and Kathleen Mack.

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Thanks for the Memories

Sat May 28 | 8:00 PM


Building a Homemade Composter

Composting to get away from chemical fertilizers.

Spring Cleaning Part III

Lemon juice is a great way of helping with the cleaning around the house and a bonus it smells...

Spring Cleaning Part II

One of the things I use a lot around the house for cooking and cleaning is baking soda. It is...

Heritage Chickens!

The love of Heritage Chickens.

Another post about coyotes.

I was sitting working at the computer yesterday morning

What was that?

Last night we were just settling down into bed when all of a sudden the howling started .......

Let Me In!

Why chickens might not be so stupid after all.

Spring Cleaning – Part 1

Well here we are in mid-February and I do believe we have had the odd glimpse of spring, so I guess...

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