Public sector wages unjustified
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Feb 06, 2014  |  Vote 0    0

Public sector wages unjustified

St. Marys Journal Argus

Dear Editor:

The London Fire Department to wants to spend $200,000 on a GPS system to shave a few seconds off response times. This belies common sense and is indicative of public sector entitlement.

I’ll bet every firefighter has a cellphone. Cellphones come with GPS and a Google maps app included for free. For $0 they can simply speak the address into their cellphones and, within two seconds, it will appear on the screen along with ongoing verbal and visual map instructions detailing the route to the exact address.

When the Police mention the $90,000/year salaries, that doesn’t include their generous benefits and pension plan costs, which hikes their annual remuneration even more.

In “Don’t blame OPP for rising police costs” (London Free Press, Jan. 2, 2014), the OPP Commissioner states: “Crime rates have dropped in many categories but that doesn’t mean we can cut officers.”

You can’t blame him for protecting his turf but it’s Baloney!

Cut their numbers or hold the line on their already generous compensation. Taxpayers can’t afford annual unrealistic budget increases every single year. Families have to live within their means and so should the public sector. Show some leadership as government institutions.

As a province we are still borrowing $16 billion per year on the credit card just to pay the bills. How is increasing taxes to pay for existing, over-the-top government services going to improve that?

Governments — federal, provincial and municipal — have to hold the line on spending, not increase taxation. Get a backbone and learn how to say “no.”

Don’t be fooled by public unions’ self-serving argument that they will “struggle” to “retain quality staff” to other forces who pay more (retention bonuses, etc.). Call their bluff. If the City has to hold the line on increases, employees are free to choose something better and the City of London can hire new, highly-qualified, willing recruits at more reasonable starting wages. There is a long line-up of high quality applicants for both fire and police departments all over the province who find it impossible to break into these lucrative public sector unionized jobs.

Robby Smink

St. Marys

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