Resident urges Council to keep the Quarry High...
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Resident urges Council to keep the Quarry High Dive

St. Marys Journal Argus

Dear Editor:

I am writing you, for the second time now, about a subject that is very near and dear to me. This is an on-going, unresolved issue that sometimes keeps me up at night, not being able to sleep, just thinking about it and what I may possibly do to “save it”; an issue that has been, for me, a cause of frustration and disappointment the last two seasons, but in the past has been a source of a great deal of joy and pleasure in my life and I am also positively sure that this has also been a source of much fun in the lives of many other people in and around St. Marys, but also to people all over this world.

If you have not yet caught onto the matter of which I write, I am referring to the fun, the thrill, the excitement of the one and only, our very own high diving board at the Quarry, in our town, “The town worth living in.”

What really makes this the town worth living in, anyway? Well, I will tell you, the answer to this question is: many things, like the high diving board (of course), are what make this town great and is what makes this town, the town worth living in.

If we, you, or I were to take away all of this town’s greatness, that it has to offer, than would we still be able to continue to say that this is “The town worth living in”? I don’t see how we could, but if we were to continue to retain/keep of this town, that of which makes it special, unique and great, then by all means, we still would be able to continue to use that phrase.

Please consider this: keeping the High Dive along with all the other things that make St. Marys a place were people would continue to want to live in. I am not saying that we should continue putting this town further in debt by keeping swimming open year-round at the Pyramid Recreation Centre. I am just saying we should do what we can to keep the things of real value, like the high diving board, alive.

This is a quote, taken from the Oct. 30, 2013 edition of the Journal Argus: “…that the town is not setting itself up for legal trouble if the High Dive doesn’t meet those standards. It met the standards of the day when it was installed and that’s all that is legally required.”

For years it was found to be safe and then all of a sudden it is not? Did the wall of the Quarry just decide to grow out-wards, overnight? I think not, and I will remind everyone that the board was replaced, lowered and moved out further over the water a few years back. I have personally gone down a long ways after jumping off the board, about as far as I was willing to tolerate (the water becomes a lot cooler and the pressure is enough that it starts to hurt). Even at that depth, I have never touched bottom.

The 60-year safety record of the High Dive should speak volumes.

So, have a heart, do the right thing, the best thing, let us all strive to keep the notorious high-diving board (located at “one of the worlds greatest swimming pools”, “the largest freshwater swimming pool in Canada”) ALIVE! The fun should continue on...for us and for all future generations. Do we actually want the fun to stop? Come on, think about it! I know I sure would not want that to happen.

Hopefully, now, I will be able to get some sleep...and also be able to be back, bouncing happily high off the end of that highdiving board once (and many more times) again!

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Barry C. Brebner,

St. Marys

P.S.: Take notice that, on the cover of the 2013 St. Marys Journal Argus visitors’ guide, is a picture of a young lad as he finds his way back, (from atop of the high diving board) to the 50-foot depth of water below. Now I will ask you all, was this picture false advertising at its finest, or possibly a beacon of hope, of what the future holds for the fate of this board? It’s obvious to me that, even when the high diving board is closed and out of operations, it stands out — boldly continuing to show that it is valued, and has a merit all of its own. You could take a look at the cover of this visitors’ guide for yourself, if you like; there are still copies available, upstairs at the Town Hall (I was informed) and also at our local VIA Rail station (I’ve seen). So, if and when you happen to be at our local train station, why not “Choo-choo-choose to hop aboard? Choose to hop aboard and ride — not just a VIA-rail train ride, but also on the one and only high diving board? Something, I suggest, we all consider giving a thought or two about; but don’t just think about it, let’s all choose to take action. The time for action is here; the time is now. Please, if you would, speak to, or mail members of our Town Council, let them know that you, too, would like for us to go ahead together, striving to do what it takes (even if it's something very simple, like removing the chain and sign from the steps) to keep our high diving board … standing tall, alive and well.

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